All About Me

My name is CookieBear and I was rescued by an amazing animal rescue organization called Desert Paws NM.  When I was rescued I was a bit underweight and I had a lot of anxiety.  I had a lot of tummy troubles and I hated being left alone.  My rescuers placed me in foster care and then one day something magical happened: I got adopted! My new Mom worked really hard to make me comfortable.  She helped me overcome my anxiety and fed me really yummy nutritious food that calmed my tummy and helped me gain the right amount of weight.  The best part is, my Mom says I rescued her just as much as she rescued me! Mom was kind of a lazy blob before I came along.  She wasn’t devoted to anything besides work.  Now she spends quality time with me: exercising, playing, and teaching me how to be polite.  And she even started working for the organization that rescued me so she can help other dogs just like me find their forever homes!

My rescued friends at Desert Paws NM deserve to be just as lucky as me.  Each week I’ll bring you a new story about an adoptable friend at Desert Paws NM.  Maybe I can help them just like Desert Paws NM helped me!

Curious about my name? My Mom named me CookieBear because she says I look like a bunch of different cookies and I’m cuddly like a teddy bear!