National Pet Memorial Day Sept. 11, 2016

Very nicely written post from fellow blogger Real Life With Pets. Mom remembers her much-loved childhood pets: Baxter, Jenny, and Sampo. She says it was hard to let go so doing something special for them helps. Fostering in your pet’s name when you aren’t ready to make a full-time commitment again is a really good start. And make sure you take tons of pictures of your beautiful pets while they are at their best so you can always look back and remember how blessed you were to have them in your lives.

Losing a pet is heartbreaking for many of us. We are emotionally bonded and the loss is comparable to the loss of a human loved one. Dogs can live 13-16 years typically (depending on the breed mix and other factors of course). Cats can live even longer — 16-21 years. These relationships are longer than many marriages these days!

Some people are self-conscious, question their sanity, are even ashamed that their feelings are so strong. But when grieving for a pet, we should not be ashamed. If someone doesn’t understand the loss, if they’ve never had the pleasure of having a loving relationship with a pet, the time will hopefully come when they have that opportunity and join the  ranks of forever fur family. So many, these days, though, DO seem to have an understanding of how important an animal in one’s life is……..and how devastating it is to lose…

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