Bathing Beauty

Let’s face it: as a dog I can get pretty darn smelly.  Sometimes I even offend myself! It’s not our fault- our fur traps some odors and certain bacteria unique to dog skin has the “corn chips” effect.  Plus, some dogs (myself included) really love rolling in dirt any chance we get so we can embarrass our moms!

Mom is picky about ingredients and wants to make sure anything she washes me with won’t irritate my skin or dry out my naturally-occurring oils.  We’ve been using Burt’s Bees 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner most of the time she’s had me.  It has worked well for me.  I like the way it smells and it doesn’t make my skin itchy.  I especially like that it’s a 2-in-1. That means I can get out of the tub faster!

Today Mom tried something new from Reliq Pets:


Reliq uses some fancy minerals to dissolve odor molecules.  Don’t aske me how it works; I’m a dog, not a scientist!  Mom was saving this for a day when I was especially smelly; I guess today was that day! We’re both pretty happy with it.  It lathered really well so I felt like I was at the doggie spa.  The Jasmine scent was soothing without being overly-floral. It rinsed off really easily too.  I really don’t like shampoo that takes forever to rinse out- I’ve got more important things to do like chew on my toys or chase Sebastian! After I dried off my fur was nice and soft- fluffy but not poofy, and smelled great! And since I was such a good girl in the bath I get one of my special banana treats.  Anyway, I give Reliq my puppy-paw seal of approval.

This week’s Desert Paws NM Adoptable Highlight is Sammie:

Sammie is a super-sweet girl who enjoys the companionship of humans over other animals.  She would love a home where she gets belly rubs, is treated like a lap dog, and receives all the attention she deserves.  Sammie is incredibly polite, knows how to shake paws, and is eager to please.  She’s a bit of a kiss monster too! You can find out more about Sammie at Desert Paws NM.

Next week I’ll tell you all about Mom’s adventures in brushing my teeth! Gotta keep that pearly-white and fresh smile!

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