Bathing Beauty

Let’s face it: as a dog I can get pretty darn smelly.  Sometimes I even offend myself! It’s not our fault- our fur traps some odors and certain bacteria unique to dog skin has the “corn chips” effect.  Plus, some dogs (myself included) really love rolling in dirt any chance we get so we can embarrass our moms!

Mom is picky about ingredients and wants to make sure anything she washes me with won’t irritate my skin or dry out my naturally-occurring oils.  We’ve been using Burt’s Bees 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner most of the time she’s had me.  It has worked well for me.  I like the way it smells and it doesn’t make my skin itchy.  I especially like that it’s a 2-in-1. That means I can get out of the tub faster!

Today Mom tried something new from Reliq Pets:


Reliq uses some fancy minerals to dissolve odor molecules.  Don’t aske me how it works; I’m a dog, not a scientist!  Mom was saving this for a day when I was especially smelly; I guess today was that day! We’re both pretty happy with it.  It lathered really well so I felt like I was at the doggie spa.  The Jasmine scent was soothing without being overly-floral. It rinsed off really easily too.  I really don’t like shampoo that takes forever to rinse out- I’ve got more important things to do like chew on my toys or chase Sebastian! After I dried off my fur was nice and soft- fluffy but not poofy, and smelled great! And since I was such a good girl in the bath I get one of my special banana treats.  Anyway, I give Reliq my puppy-paw seal of approval.

This week’s Desert Paws NM Adoptable Highlight is Sammie:

Sammie is a super-sweet girl who enjoys the companionship of humans over other animals.  She would love a home where she gets belly rubs, is treated like a lap dog, and receives all the attention she deserves.  Sammie is incredibly polite, knows how to shake paws, and is eager to please.  She’s a bit of a kiss monster too! You can find out more about Sammie at Desert Paws NM.

Next week I’ll tell you all about Mom’s adventures in brushing my teeth! Gotta keep that pearly-white and fresh smile!

National Pet Memorial Day Sept. 11, 2016

Very nicely written post from fellow blogger Real Life With Pets. Mom remembers her much-loved childhood pets: Baxter, Jenny, and Sampo. She says it was hard to let go so doing something special for them helps. Fostering in your pet’s name when you aren’t ready to make a full-time commitment again is a really good start. And make sure you take tons of pictures of your beautiful pets while they are at their best so you can always look back and remember how blessed you were to have them in your lives.

Losing a pet is heartbreaking for many of us. We are emotionally bonded and the loss is comparable to the loss of a human loved one. Dogs can live 13-16 years typically (depending on the breed mix and other factors of course). Cats can live even longer — 16-21 years. These relationships are longer than many marriages these days!

Some people are self-conscious, question their sanity, are even ashamed that their feelings are so strong. But when grieving for a pet, we should not be ashamed. If someone doesn’t understand the loss, if they’ve never had the pleasure of having a loving relationship with a pet, the time will hopefully come when they have that opportunity and join the  ranks of forever fur family. So many, these days, though, DO seem to have an understanding of how important an animal in one’s life is……..and how devastating it is to lose…

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It’s All About Food!

I’ll just come right out and say it.  I LOVE food! I will eat anything and everything that comes my way.  That doesn’t mean everything I eat agrees with me and Mom has done a lot of work and research to find out what food is best and what will keep me healthy and living a long happy life.

When I first came to my new forever home I was pretty skinny.  You could see my ribs and my arms were pretty bony.  I didn’t have a lot of energy and I had a hard time going potty.  I was eating regular dry kibble and at first Mom just stuck with that.  She didn’t know any better, but she started to think I needed something else.  I would wolf down my food as fast as possible and when my bowl was empty I would pick it up and carry it around in my mouth to let Mom know I wasn’t satisfied.  Mom realized she had to make some changes.

After gobbling down that dry dog chow I had some tummy troubles and some bathroom problems.  I had a hard time going to the bathroom where and when I was supposed to.  Mom could tell I just didn’t feel good.  She knew it wasn’t just a matter of how much she fed it, but what she fed me that would make a difference.  So she started reading books and doing research online.  The reoccurring theme she found was that a lot of dogs don’t digest gluten or most grains very well.  She also found that wet food was frequently more easily digested than dry kibble.  Then one day at the store she was walking through the Pet Food aisle and this seemed to jump out at her:
Mom liked that it was Human Grade food and that it was grain free.  Aside from not digesting grains being hard to digest Mom found out that a lot of grains can contribute to joint inflammation.  Since I’m part Dachshund and part Basset Hound I’ll be prone to arthritis later in life.  Mom wants to prevent that as long as she can and knows what she feeds me can play a role in how soon my joints start to wear out.

So I’ve been eating Honest Kitchen ever since and I really love it.  It tastes great and it keeps me full and satisfied because it’s REAL food, not fillers.  Mom does a few other things to keep me healthy.  Here’s what she mixes in my food on a regular basis:


Omega-3 Oil keeps my fur soft and shiny.  It’s also really good for my joints.

Nutritional Yeast makes my food taste like cheese and gives me important B-Vitamins and Minerals.  The whole family eats it too! Mom puts it on her pasta (which is really confusing to me) and foster kitty Sebastian loves it sprinkled on his food.

You know how dogs like to eat grass when our tummy hurts? Well Wheat Grass helps keep my tummy happy.  Mom mixes it in my food and I don’t feel like I need to eat grass anymore.  Mom likes it too! She mixes it in water and drinks it in the morning.

One more thing I get that’s more of a treat is this:

Turmeric will help keep my joints nice and happy for years to come.  And this particular blend has some calming herbs that helped soothe my separation anxiety.  It’s not an all-the-time thing, but I get it as a sweet treat with smashed bananas! I even heard Mom say that for my birthday next year I can have it with Coconut Milk Ice Cream! Yum! It contains two herbs Lemon Balm and Holy Basil that are excellent for calming anxiety and stress.  Mom gave it to me on a regular basis when I first got here and it helped a lot.  Now I mostly get this once a week or if Mom has to go out of town for a few days.  Just a warning that there are 2 herbs that should only be used sparingly in this because they act as a laxative in large quantities.  Mom gives me 1/3 of the suggested dose.

Some people might feel that adding supplements to their pet’s diet is unnecessary.  That may be true for a lot of pets that have never had digestive problems and are eating real food.  However, a lot of rescued pets have gone through some kind of trauma- physical and/or emotional.  It’s hard to know what happened in your new pet’s life before they came to you.  They may have suffered from starvation or were undernourished.  They may have suffered physical abuse and lived their life in fear before you found them.  Whatever they went through earlier in life may have lasting consequences on their digestion or their behavior.  Good food and a few supplements can be helpful.

Okay, that’s enough about food for now.  I’ll have Mom write down some Autumn-themed recipes to share with you all soon.  Hint: most will include one of my favorite foods: PUMPKIN! Please send me a note and tell me all about your favorite foods!

This week’s adoptable feature is Moose.  Doesn’t he look like a good boy? That’s because he is! He’s in the same training class that Mom is going to and he is Teacher’s Pet.  He sits and watches the instructor and absorbs everything she says.  He is really polite and despite his size rather gentle.  He loves playing with toys too! You can see more about Moose or apply to adopt him at Desert Paws NM



***** Disclaimer: CookieBear is not a nutritionist and neither is her Mom. CookieBear just enjoys sharing with the world the things she likes and the things we think will keep her healthy.  Always check with your vet when starting your pet on a different diet or adding supplements to their daily regime.