From the Desk of Sebastian

Yawn, stretch, meooowwwww.  I suppose I can take a moment out of my day of napping to contribute to CookieBear’s blog.  My name is Sebastian and I am a foster cat.  The wonderful people at Desert Paws NM have taken care of me for awhile.  They found me as a stray and have been taking care of me ever since by placing me in foster homes.  People are always asking them how they can help support Desert Paws’ mission.  The #1 thing you can do is open your home up to rescues and foster them until they find their forever homes.  If fosters didn’t take me in I would have to either continue being a stray cat, which is incredibly dangerous, or I would have to live in one of those crowded boxes at a shelter, which is incredibly stressful.  Instead, I get to live in a comfy house where I interact with humans, sleep in a warm bed, get delicious food and treats, and even occasionally play with the human’s crazy dog.  This leads me to the next commonly-asked question about helping rescues: shouldn’t the foster parents go ahead and adopt the animal if it’s comfortable in the house? Well, not necessarily.  First, if a foster parent adopts the foster animal that may mean they will no longer be able to foster other rescues.  Since foster families don’t grow on cat trees, we need as many foster homes available as possible.  Second, just because the animal is comfortable in the foster home, doesn’t mean it’s the puuuuuurrrrrrrrfect forever home.  Take me for example.  I am very comfortable in this temporary foster home.  I definitely have my needs taken care of and the foster family treats me as part of their family.  However, I know there’s a perfect forever family waiting for me somewhere.  Not that I don’t like my foster family, I just know there’s a family out there that will love me even more and I will love them in return.

Enough about that and more about me! I am about 4 years old, and well, I’m just simply gorgeous.  Did you check out my beautiful fur? And how about those eyes?

sebastian1 sebastian pretty

I’m super-sweet too! My favorite activity is cuddling in the warmest lap of the house.  And if you’re sick or hurt I will sit and purr with you until you feel better.  Did you know that cats can speed up recovery when your sick? Or that they can help people recover from sadness or depression?

I really like having conversations with my foster mom.  Just knowing she’s listening helps. I think she tries to understand my language, even when I’m hungry and overly-sassy.  I help her sing too (she has a terrible voice so I try to meow louder so she won’t feel bad about being off-key).  See what a great helper I am?

CookieBear and I didn’t always get along.  I didn’t really like dogs very much when I came to this house.  But CookieBear’s mom wanted to give it a try.  She had a lot of patience and slowly introduced us to each other.  For awhile I had an entire room all to myself, but once we were acquainted with each other I got free reign of the house.  CookieBear was a young pup when I first came to the house and she had a ton of puppy energy.  She wanted to play with me a lot more than I wanted to play.  Eventually she started to understand that and she leaves me alone when I’m not interested in playing.  But when I do want to play we have an awful lot of fun.  I chase her around the house- she loves it and sometimes she gets so excited she slides across the hardwood floors.  It makes my foster mom laugh a lot.  And now that I’ve been fostered with a dog in the house I can be adopted to a family with a dog.  Before being fostered in this house that wasn’t really an option.  See, there’s another great thing about fostering: it prepares us fosters for what happens next when we’re adopted!

Sometimes I overhear my foster mom talking about how people give up their pets because they “couldn’t” be trained.  I think that if a dog like CookieBear can be trained to respect a kitty cat like me, most pets can be trained.  It takes patience and perseverance.  Just remember that your pets don’t give up on you- please don’t give up on them! If you’re having a hard time training a pet on your own reach out for help.  There are lots of pet trainers that will work with you.  You can even find classes and tutorials online.  Please do the research before you consider dumping a pet.  CookieBear will have a lot more to say about this next week.

This week’s Desert Paws NM adoptable highlight: 3 Cats Bhindi, Ozzy and Olly.  Bhindi is a beautiful surrogate mamma cat to the young brothers Ozzy and Olly.  To adopt or foster visit DesertPawsNM (you can also see more about me there!)

Thanks for reading! Please share with your friends so we can spread the word about the importance of fostering rescue animals.

Sebastian signing off.  Next week CookieBear will be back to discuss the importance of training.

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