Summer Fun and Staying Fit

Mom knows exercise is really important.  It keeps me from getting bored or destructive.  It keeps me healthy and at the right weight.  It helps keep my joints strong and healthy.  My vet says I’ll probably have arthritis later in life and the best way to prevent it from getting really bad is to stay in really good shape now while I’m a young pupper.  The best part is, exercising is so fun.  I sure love to run on my little legs.  I love it when I feel the air lift up my ears- it makes me feel like I’m flying! I really love helping my Mom stay in shape too!

cookiebar running

In New Mexico it’s sooooooooo hot in the summertime.  It gets up to 90 degrees by 10 am! Can you believe that? So Mom is awesome about making sure I get to exercise outside really early in the morning.  I’m great about waking her up by 5 am so we can go on a run before her work day starts.  She doesn’t even set an alarm anymore.  Sometimes she’s a little cranky about getting up so early but I just give her kisses and that big beautiful smile of mine; then she realizes it’s totally worth it to get up so early to spend quality time with me.  It starts us both off on the right foot (or paw) for the day.

Aside from getting up early to exercise before it’s too hot outside Mom knows that hydration is really important.  She always brings a big bottle of cold water and this really cool collapsible bowl for me to drink out if.  It even clips right on to her backpack so it’s always ready to go.

So I can stay nice and cool and hydrated, and then I can run and play more.  Don’t I look happy?

Last week I mentioned my Foster Brother, Sebastian the Cat.  Check him out. Isn’t he a pretty boy? I love his fur and his little black nose.  We have fun running through the house together chasing tennis balls.  Someday he will be adopted and I will miss him but I will be so happy for him to find his special forever home.  When that day comes I hope another awesome cat will come live with us until they get adopted too.  That’s what fostering is all about!sebastian 4

Sebastian is a little cranky today because Mom ran out of his favorite treats and won’t make it to the store until tomorrow to get more.  So he’s pouting right now and isn’t in the  mood to contribute to today’s blog.  He will chime in next week to discuss his favorite topic: snuggling.

This week’s Desert Paws adoptable highlight is a young boy named Cooper.  He is a 10 month old Australian Kelpie and he has a lot of energy.  Kelpies like to have things to do.  He can play for hours.  He even goes swimming!  Mom is working with him at the same doggie school I attended: Acoma Training Center.  They did such a good job with me so I know Cooper is going to learn some amazing skills.  You can learn more about Cooper here: Desert Paws NM

That’s all for this week.  Feel free to write a comment and let me know if there’s anything you would like to hear about!


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